Morgan Hebert

Morgan Hebert

Any nicknames? 

Fairbanks, AK

Home Mountain? 
Currently Squaw/ claiming Crystal Mtn/ grew up riding Moose Mtn

Heroes in skiing and in life? 
Bruce Lee, Ali, Buddha, Hunter S. Thompson; live in the moment

You're on a hut trip: no phone, no internet, no tv. What board game is your go-to? 
Yahtzee or a deck of cards

Reading any good books right now? 
I'm on the last book in Stephen King's "The Dark Tower" series. It's a great read if you have the time for a seven-part epic. Time traveling cowboy fate of the world stuff.

Favorite ski film? (We promise it's okay if it's not WM) 
I have to go with the old Standard Films stuff. Around TB7 they were setting the bar so high, & I don't think that it has been pushed that hard in a while. Those guys were riding big mountain AK properly with timeless style. Really breaking into what is possible in big mountain and getting into spine terrain for the first time.

Current favorite piece of gear? Why?
Anything in the Homeschool Outerwear line, but the Baker Series 3.5 Layer stuff is bomb proof. It keeps me warm and dry in any conditions with it's 37.5 technology that lets it breath while remaining fully waterproof. Stoked on their support since the beginning, and I wouldn't wear anything else if I had the choice.

How do you like spending your down days?
Stretching and relaxing while preparing for the next big adventure. Harness those resources and be ready to get after it!

Fondest memory from learning to ski or ride?
The Moose up in Fairbanks used to eat our jumps every year! Ryland and I, along with our good friend Erik Ofelt, had built a terrain park out of hay bales at our local ski hill. Every year when the snow melted enough and the temps rose the Moose would wander out, and we would catch them eating the hay. It was hilarious. Then every fall we would have to go reshape them. Go figure out resort was aptly named "Moose Mountain." Oh yeah and did I mention that you rode school buses on a road as lifts to the top. It was cold so no one complained about it. Looking back on things, that was & is a very unique place to grow up.

Do you have any hidden talents?
I like to cook! I don't know if that's a talent or a passion.

What would your superpower be?
Healing powers so little injuries didn't slow you down and you could ride hard forever.

Spirit animal?
Probably a bear. They are powerful but agile & I feel like it embodies the spirit of being from Alaska.

What career accomplishment are you most proud of?
Being in Warren Miller Entertainment's 67th movie!!

Any pre-riding or skiing rituals or superstitions?
Bring an extra set of everything. Keep your boots tight!

Can you speak any other languages? What other languages would you like to learn?
I wish I had the focus and time to learn a couple new languages. At some point I want to learn Japanese and be fluent in Spanish.

What is your biggest goal/something you hope to achieve in your ski career?
Ride strong for another 20 yrs, and still be able to get after endless AK lines the rest of my life. You never get bored up there, & you can always push your riding. There are 10 lifetimes of worthy mountains to explore and endless possibilities. I love my home state!

Featured In
2016 Here, There & Everywhere (Cordova, AK)