Featured Athletes: Lexi duPont, Amie Engerbretson, Oskar Enander (Photographer)

Warren Miller audiences have long been captivated by the Swiss Alps ever since Warren started filming there in the 1960s. The rich tradition of the Swiss, steeped in storybook folklore and Mastercraft mountain living, along with the towering peaks, plunging valleys, and glacial blue lakes, is enchanting to viewers, photographers, and skiers alike. Ski Racers and fans alike flock to Wengen every winter for the Lauberhorn World Cup - the longest downhill race on the World Cup circuit. Photographers like Oskar Enander come, and sometimes never leave, searching for picture-perfect moments among the mountains. And skiers like Amie Engerbretson and Lexi duPont just can’t seem to stay away, constantly seeking the place where Swiss powder snow becomes infinitely deep. From the slopes of Engelberg to the vast Jungfrau region, Amie and Lexi find themselves, like so many before them, captivated by the mystical charm of the Swiss Alps.


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