Jeremy Jensen

Jeremy Jensen

Where were you born?  Salt Lake City, UT

Where did you learn to ski/ride? I learned to Ski at Powder Mountain, Utah at the age of 2. Learned to snowboard at 13 yrs old at Beaver Mountain, Utah. I learned to Powsurf in the Northern Utah Backcountry.

Who taught you to ski/ride? My Father taught me to ski and 11 years later he taught me to snowboard as well. I discovered powsurfing on my own and figured that out for myself.

Who inspired you in skiing/riding while you were growing up? I never had any real skiing inspiration aside from my dad. Snowboarders who inspired me were Noah Salaznek, Peter Line, Terje Haakenson, Jamie Lynn, and Bryan Iguchi.

Breakfast of champions? Egg Burritos.

Best après meal? Steak Tacos.

What do you enjoy doing to give your body a break? (Recovery routine, healing tips, etc.) To give my body a rest I like to stretch out and roll around on the floor with my 2 year old daughter.

Can you tell us about some of the gear you were using in your segment with WME? The boards that I'm riding in my segment were all personally designed and handcrafted using my own two hands. Grassroots Powdersurfing is the name of my company and these boards are the result of over a decade of experimenting with different shapes, contours and builds to create boards that would allow riders to literally surf mountains without any form of binding or attachment. Just as a surfer in the ocean or a skateboarder on the sidewalk, these “powsurfers” allow me to surf the snow completely binding-free and hands-free. I am in the backcountry 90% of the time so I always wear an ABS airbag and carry a beacon, shovel and probe. For easy backcountry travel I use the Mtn. Approach Kit (collapsible touring skis) for longer tours or Verts (special snowshoes) for steep approaches.

Other than professional athlete, what is your dream job? World traveler and world-class father.

Most memorable moment filming with WME this year? (good or bad) The most memorable thing about filming with WME this year was riding in unusual conditions. Utah's winter season was the driest and warmest on record and this created some really challenging conditions for powsurfing. When you're riding without any bindings every move requires more focus, judgement, balance and skill. Everything you do is much more difficult when you are dealing with variables like sticky snow, crusty snow, and shallow coverage. These conditions really pushed my skills as a rider and it really put the board designs to the test. These conditions forced me to be more creative in finding new terrain and this always kept me thinking outside the box.

Your idea of a perfect vacation sans skiing? Relaxing on the beach with my wife and daughter.

Mantra to live by? Everything is better in the powder.

Tunes to ski to? I always ride the backcountry so I keep a clear head and listen to mother nature.

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