Ian Provo

Ian Provo

Where were you born? Connecticut

Where did you learn to ski/ride? Ski Sundown in New Hartford, CT

Who taught you to ski/ride? Our mom did most of the work. As a ski patroller at the local hill, she made it possible for us to spend our entire childhood on the slopes, at least whenever there was snow!

Who inspired you in skiing/riding while you were growing up? All of the locals. For many years, I didn't know anything other than our little world at Ski Sundown. I looked up to the older dudes who were ripping.

Breakfast of champions? Dragon fruit bowl

Best après meal? Hot soup after skiing

What do you enjoy doing to give your body a break? I love my hot springs time.

Can you tell us about some of the gear you were using in your segment with WME? Armada skis and outerwear, Smith optics, GoPro Hero 4 cameras, Dynafit boots and bindings, and dozens of other things. ProBars for energy.

Other than professional athlete, what is your dream job? No job is my dream job

Most memorable moment filming with WME this year? Shooting classic Wasatch pow with Tom Day

Your idea of a perfect vacation sans skiing? Anything in the tropics

Mantra to live by? Smoke em if you got em

Tunes to ski to? Tune into nature

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