Warren Miller's No Turning Back


  • Bob Howard

    My first sponsor was a pair of used and scratched Salomon bindings, but I was psyched! I figured out the art of getting sponsors in the mid 70’s and I am proud to say I continue to take advantage of any ski area, events, clothing or hard goods company who needs the services of this hard working man. The highlight of my sponsorship was my Coors Light Gold Credit card. I was called into the marketing department at the end of the 1991 season, along with Olympic medalists, Phil and Steve Mahre. The marketing director at Coors mentioned that Phil and Steve drank maybe a 12 pack over the winter, but I had broken any previous records known to date. As I was producing a televised Freestyle competition series for Coors Light, we ended up spending $22,000 in three months on beer. After our success in producing the events and outstanding beer consumption, they signed my company to a 3-year contract. It later morphed into the IMG event, “Bumps and Jumps.” Along with producing this event, I have performed in huge stadium shows for the king of Sweden as well as the Swedish public, many events in Japan, several months in Cabaret Show in a Tahoe Casino, several World Cups, and the World Alpine Championships in Italy. To this day, I have continued to dedicate my life to the ski world and have performed in the Portland ski show for 30 years. Thanks to Warren Miller for paying for my lodging for this movie, it was a great experience!



    Favorite music to ride to? I was rocking a cassette car tape deck called a Astral tune. Quoted as saying I believe someday everyone will be tuned into music in the future. Damn, Steve Jobs must have read that. I always put together a mogul mix for current music for the Ipod. My favorite for the moment is Kings of Leon.

    Describe yourself In 5 words: Love of the skiing the mountains, my hot women, sore knees, big smile and fatherhood!

    3 things you will make time for? Work out, laugh and living my dream

    3 things you don’t have time for? Working on my art (wood and stone Sculptures), Gardening, and cleaning my garage. Once ski season starts things will remain in place until summer.

    Who is your greatest influence in life? An old French Ski School Director told me that there is a butt for every sit. That was a Profound thought for me. That concept, that you can sell anything if you look for the correct match. There are no excuses I currently have a successful health insurance business. After nine knee operations I know the business.

    What is the one thing you look forward to most after a long day on the Mountain? Resting my knees, talking with my ski buddies, being in the mountains and enjoying the weather. 

    What was the most memorable moment while filming for Flow State in Squaw Valley? I have been so lucky to have wonderful friends; a unique life that I would never trade even though I was having trouble walking to my car after it was over.

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