Warren Miller's No Turning Back


  • Tyler Ceccanti


    Started skiing when I was 2 at Crystal Mt. WA.  when I was old enough my parents put me in CMAC, our local race program so they could ski pow and I could train.  After I realized I sucked at racing I actually stopped skiing for a year and pursued motorcycle racing.  when I was 13 though, skiing caught my attention again and I competed in my first big mt. competition.  From there all I wanted to do was ski and push myself.  after winning some comps and traveling a bit I filmed with Warren Miller for my first time at my home mt. for Dynasty.  it was a dream come true and to film again with them last year was amazing.  Plan on not stopping anytime soon.

    K2 skis, Smith Optics, Spyder, Fulltilt, Dakine, Marker, Crystal Mt.



    Favorite music to shred to? Tom Day screaming what direction to ski.

    In 10 years I hope to be… Hopefully turning 33 (scary) and jumping out of a heli to ski some pow!

    Describe yourself In 5 words: Loud, Short, Stoked, Driven, Universal

    Who is your greatest influence in life? My whole family, Dad, Mom, Gwen and Larry for sure.

    What is the one thing you look forward to most after a long day on the Mountain? Après, and talking with everyone about their day at the local watering hole.

    What is your favorite piece of gear that you won’t go on the mountain without?  Balaclava, started wearing one 2 years ago and if I don't have it I come un-glued.

    What was the most memorable moment while in Japan for the filming of Flow State? Do I really have to name one? There was way to many!  Besides the best powder ever, I would have to say skiing the avalanche barriers.  I have watched them in other films and dreamed of skiing them. Mission complete.


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