Warren Miller's No Turning Back


  • Billy Mann

    Oakley, Armada, Bern, Porters, Toko, Dalbello



    Favorite music to shred to:  Anything energetic!! Electrodubhoprock!!

    In 10 years I hope to be… A famous actor/model on the silver screen, with a mechanical engineering background as a back up!

    Describe yourself In 5 words: The sexiest hunk of cheese...hahaha

    What is the worst injury you have ever had? A fractured pelvis.

    What is the one thing you look forward to most after a long day on the Mountain? I most look forward to a possible hot tub or trampoline session!!

    What is the key piece of gear you will never go on the mountain without? My helmet, because you never know when the opportunity to get gnarly will present itself!

    What was the most memorable moment while filming for Flow State in Northstar?  The sheer adrenaline and weightlessness of a switch double-backflip!! Also everyone was so upbeat and enthusiastic that the day was nonstop smiles and giggles :)

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