Warren Miller's No Turning Back


  • Roman Rohrmoser

    K2, BMW, Marker, Marmot, Uvex, Da Kine



    Favorite music to shred to: I don’t shred with music in my ears! But on the way and in the gondola I prefer rock!

    3 things you will make time for? Powder days, solid swell for surfing, downhill biking

    3 things you don’t have time for? Stupid people, sitting in planes sucks, waiting for my snowboard buddies on a powder day

    What is the one thing you look forward to most after a long day on the Mountain? A long night Après Ski in Austria, hahahah NOT!

    Do you have any exciting ski trips planned for the 2012-2013 season? There is a trip planned in august down to South America with WM for the 2013 movie; looking forward to go back to Japan and Alaska and there is also a trip planned to India next year!

    What is the key piece of gear you will never go on the mountain without? Pow skis and Schnapps

    What was the most memorable moment while in Japan for the filming of Flow State?  The people, the food, the bottomless powder, the Onsun...


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