Warren Miller's No Turning Back


  • Mitch Tölderer




    Favorite music to ride to: sound of my powder spray :-), I don’t ride with music...

    What would surprise people most about you?  That I am also a medical doctor.

    Describe yourself In 5 words: Motivated, Hungry, Honest, Rational, and Impatient

    Who is your greatest influence in life? Nature

    What is the key piece of gear you will never go on the mountain without? Clothes?

    What is the one thing you look forward to most after a long day on the Mountain? Food and hot shower

    What was the highlight of filming the PNH segment for Flow State in Alaska? Flying around with this great crew, watching a powder hungry downhiller Travis Ganong charging his lines,  riding a challenging face (rattlesnake) as a sundowner on the way home to base.


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