Warren Miller's No Turning Back


  • Marcus Caston

    Tecnica, Blizzard, Shred Optics, Slytech Protection, Alta, Keely’s Ski Camp for Girls



    Favorite music to shred to: Devil Makes Three

    In 10 years I hope to be… Skiing and loving life

    What would surprise people most about you? I have toe thumbs.  They are great for thumb wrestling… bowling, not so much. 

    What is the one thing you look forward to most after a long day on the Mountain?  Taking off my ski socks and putting on some furry slippers

    What is the key piece of gear you will never go on the mountain without? My ski pass, because they wont even let you on the mountain without it!

    What was the highlight of your 2012 season? Taking the first heli trip of my life to Alaska with CPG, Ted Ligety, and Phil Meier!

    What was the highlight of filming for Flow State in Alaska? Skiing the best runs of my life with some of the best skiers in the world.  It’s amazing to watch guys like Phil and Ted throw their art down on those mountains.  Big thanks to our CPG guides Lel and Rich who shred as hard as anybody out there!


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