Warren Miller's No Turning Back


  • Julian Carr

    Icelantic, Spyder, Discrete, Smith, GoPro, Suunto, Backcountry.com, POW gloves.



    Favorite music to shred to: Deadmau5 and Steely Dan. 

    Describe yourself In 5 words: Adventurous.  Friendly.  Thinker.  Lover.  Relaxer. 

    What is the worst injury you have ever had? A tie between a shattered femur once, broke it in 11 pieces.  And once I in one single swoop tore my ACL, MCL, LCL, and meniscus and tore my calf muscle.  Ouch. 

    What is the one thing you look forward to most after a long day on the Mountain? Beers and laughs with friends.

    You are known for dropping some of the biggest cliffs, what goes through your mind before you do this? Total concentration, only way to describe it is I enter Zen.

    Most people who watch footage of you hucking yourself over 50+ feet of cliffs think you are nuts. How do you respond to these acquisitions? Well… I've been pretty polite in my response to this question for my whole career, but frankly, these people that think I'm nuts simply don't have the mental tenacity to calmly think through such a feat then proceed with 100% confidence.  These people would hurt themselves if they were to attempt, so they dismiss me as crazy.  But it's all-good.  haha.  It is kind of crazy.   

    What's the biggest cliff you've ever jumped?  And in a competition?   210 footer in Switzerland in 2007.  And 140 footer at the US Freeskiing Nationals in 2007 as well.  Fun year, tons of snow fell - hit my travels just right.

    What was the most memorable moment while filming with WME for Flow State at the Canyons? Probably just having a great time with the crew!  Big ups to Blake, Kaylin, Keely, Patterson, Colin, Logan and Haskins!


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