Neil Provo

Neil Provo

Any nicknames? 2 Wheel, Snowmoneil

Where were you born?  New Hartford, Connecticut

Where did you learn to ski/ride? Ski Sundown, Connecticut

Who taught you to ski/ride? My Mom and Pops taught me how to ski at age 2, and began snowboarding at 7. Following and learning from my brothers along the way.

Who inspired you in skiing/riding while you were growing up? My brothers Ian and Justin, and all of the kids we grew up with at Ski Sundown.

Breakfast of champions? A strong tea and a Probar!

Best après meal? Thats a tough one, but Pizza and beer are hard to beat!

What do you enjoy doing to give your body a break? (Recovery routine, healing tips, etc.) I really enjoy mountain biking in the summer to get the legs ready for winter. Though, most of all, fly-fishing is my favorite thing to do when i'm not immersed in snowboarding. It is a great way to escape the things that drive you crazy about everyday living.

Can you tell us about some of the gear you were using in your segment with WME? My Voile splitboard is essential for accessing the untracked powder in the Wasatch. Ever since Voile invented the splitboard here in UT the sport has seen new growth and potential never thought possible with your standard snowboard. Proper gear is a must with splitboarding if you want to be comfortable and efficient, so im thankful to have Outdoor Research outerwear to shield me from the storms.

Other than professional athlete, what is your dream job? Heli ski guide seems to be a dream job!

Most memorable moment filming with WME this year? (good or bad) The day it was snowing around 2 inches per hour, made for some of the best turns of the year for me. So deep!

Your idea of a perfect vacation sans skiing? Surf trip on a boat with good friends to some deserted location on the planet.

Mantra to live by? You're not gonna catch a fish unless your line is in the water.

Tunes to ski to? I enjoy the sounds of the great outdoors.

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