Marcus Caston

Marcus Caston

Meet Marcus Caston this weekend (11/17–11/19) at the Denver Paramount screening of Here, There & Everywhere

Current favorite piece of gear? Why?
My HH Odin Jacket. It's so light weight but super wind and waterproof. A jacket I can use in rowdiest conditions from ski mountaineering in Iceland to shredding July slush bumps at Mt Hood. 1 jacket to do it all.

How do you like spending your down days?
I like to run around and pretend to be a 14 year old boy and do things like eat candy, play made up games, and annoy adults.

Fondest memory from learning to ski or ride?
Poaching Hot Tubs at Snowbird and Alta with my dad. Then driving down the canyon listening to the 5 o'clock song on KRCL dedicated to Marcus and Rosie. Mercy Mercy Mercy.

What would your superpower be?
Flying, thats an easy one.

Spirit animal?
Baloo from the Jungle Book.

What career accomplishment are you most proud of?
Being in my first Warren Miller movie! That whole process was a dream. Ted Ligety called me and asked if I would go to Alaska with him (WHAT???). It was my first time in a heli, first time skiing huge mountains, and first time filming, (WHAT???). Then sitting with my Mom and Dad at the world premier at home in Salt Lake where I grew up watching my heroes in WM (WHAT???). The whole thing the press conferences, signing posters, chatting with my heroes all night, and trying to keep my cool like I had done it before. It was just the absolute craziest.

Any pre-riding or skiing rituals or superstitions?
Expression Sessions! Before you ski take a deep breath and let yourself be overtaken by an emotion. I generally think about friends, things going on in my life, or just take in everything about that moment. Then I let it shine through my skiing.

Do you have any pets? What are their names?
I am not responsible enough for a pet, I can barely take care of myself! I eat candy for dinner sometimes.

Can you speak any other languages? What other languages would you like to learn?
I'm still working on English! I would love to be able to speak Spanish, Icelandic, and Norwegian.

What is your biggest goal/something you hope to achieve in your ski career?
My biggest goal is to take skiing back for the artists. Skiing has become this stunt where people just want to go bigger or spin faster. I want to show people that being crazy and being a good skier are two different things. I want people to watch me and say that kids a crazy good skier. Oh I also reallllllly want a Powder Magazine Photo Annual Cover.

Any nicknames? pow

Birthplace? Salt Lake City, Utah

Home Mountain? Snowbird, Alta

Heroes in skiing and in life? Doug Coombs, Scott Schmidt, Daron Rahlves

You're on a hut trip: no phone, no internet, no tv. What board game is your go-to? I love Sorry. Sorry i'm not sorry.

Reading any good books right now? Indentured about corruption in college sports. Do not get me started on the NCAA.

Favorite ski film? (We promise it's okay if it's not WM)
The Tangerine Dream by TGR. That winter they came to Utah and made a beautiful powder segment in LCC with a bunch of my heroes. That was a really influential segment for me.

Warren Miller Films:
2016 Here, There & Everywhere (Kicking Horse Mountain Resort)
2015 Chasing Shadows (Cordova, AK)
2012 Flow State (Girdwood, AK)

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