Warren Miller's No Turning Back


  • David Wise

    4FRNT Skis, O'neill Apparrel, Arma Energy, Smith Optics, Discrete Headwear, Level Gloves, ForMaxResults, Bobo's Ski and Board



    Favorite music to shred to: Moondog Matinee

    Where is your favorite park? Whistler, B.C. or Breckenridge, CO

    In 10 years I hope to be… Mountain biking on the moon.

    Who are your usual partners in crime? Billy Mann, Tucker Perkins, Elana Chase, and Jen Hudak.

    What is your favorite piece of gear that you won’t go on the mountain without? That would be the old brain bucket, I've been wearing one for so long I feel naked without it.

    You took home the Superpipe Gold in the 2012 X Games, how did it feel to take the podium? Even competing in the finals a the X Games is an honor that few achieve, winning was the most unreal thing I have ever experienced, sometimes I still have to remind myself that it actually happened.

    You are one of 5 members of the first ever U.S. Freeskiing Halfpipe Team! Are you hoping to represent the US in Sochi, Russia?  It is a life long goal for me to represent the US in the Olympics, so you can bet that I am doing everything in my power to make it to Sochi. As far as WHAT I am doing to prepare it is very simple: eating right, working out 4 days a week, thinking about skiing all the time, learning new tricks, planning for the progression of the sport, staying one step ahead of the other guys, analyzing my technique and what could make it better, visualizing my "dream runs" over and over, spending time just having fun skiing with my friends so that I don't get burned out, refining my signature 4FRNT skis so that they are the best skis out there, working closely with all my sponsors to best utilize the support that they can give me, running/ mountain biking 3 days a week, reading and studying every day so that I am both mentally and spiritually strong, refining my mental toughness by playing competitive sports in the summer, enjoying time with my awesome family and taking care of them, hiking/ hunting/ fishing and enjoying God's creation, doing my best to remain injury free. Like I said, simple, right?

    What was the highlight of filming for Flow State in Northstar? We shot one day with Billy Mann and Austin Simonpietre practically from dawn to dusk under the California sun, going back and forth between the halfpipe and jumps. The energy was good and everyone was throwing down. I usually only have enough energy to ride really hard for a few hours, but that day I was having so much fun that I just kept skiing till we literally didn't have any sun left. I think we all did pretty much every single trick that we know how to do. The memory of that day will be with me forever.


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